Argus Connecting Care Pty Ltd is founded on the principle that Argus should be available to doctors and healthcare organisations at the lowest affordable cost. All revenue obtained from Argus licencing and services is ploughed back into the Argus product and the Argus operations.

The pricing policy has been developed according to a principle of equitable sharing of the costs of supporting the Argus product and the Argus user base. This principle has translated into an overarching pricing regime which attempts to reflect the size of the user organisation and hence the relative potential benefit that the organisation may derive from using Argus as its messaging facility. Additionally, this regime aims to reflect the relative capacity of the user organisation to shoulder responsibility for supporting the operations of the Argus support resources.

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Subscription Version 

Bullet GPs, Specialists and Allied Health 
Bullet Aged Care
Bullet Day Hospitals
Bullet Other: Price on Application

Enterprise Version 

Bullet Hospitals
Bullet Pathology
Bullet Diagnostic Imaging
Bullet Other: Price on Application

Other Products and Services

Product / Service
Cost (inclusive of GST)
Ad Hoc Support Services For sites not covered by a 'Subscription Agreement' $378 per hour (charged in 15 minute increments)
On-site Support (for ArgusMessenger and ArgusEnterprise sites)

Performed on site by the Argus Support Team. Installation, troubleshooting, training etc.

$1,690 per day, minimum of $845.00 per half-day plus associated consultant costs (travel, accommodation) 
Consulting and advice for interfacing with Argus (for clinical application developers)  Provision of advice on issues such as HL7 message structure, assistance with testing of interfaces etc.  $185 per hour
Document Template Preparation and Testing outside a standard subscription agreement Costs recovery as incurred
Travel  To client sites for installation, troubleshooting, training etc  Costs recovery as incurred 
Per Message Charge  Argus does not charge per message, either sent or received within the Argus network Free
Assurance  Licence and receive only support from supporting organisation $127.00 per site
Support Options  For GPs, Specialists and Allied Health only  Click here for details

The above prices are current at the time of publication (01-07-12).  We reserve the right to change the published prices at any time.  All prices displayed on this website are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST.

Refund Policy: Refunds will not be given should services purchased not be used.