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We are now offering online webinars on a regular basis. These cover the areas of address management, sending correspondence electronically, receiving from Argus and monitoring your messages. Currently these webinars are offered to Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie and ArgusWord users. We will be expanding on this list shortly.

To register, please visit our Webinar Registration Page.


Software Download

This page contains links to download Argus Installers for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Important Note: The Argus software requires a special licence file in order to run. Please see below for information on obtaining an Argus licence.

  • Certified Argus Installers: For existing installed sites, please contact our support desk. Unrestricted licences for your sites will be generated and emailed to you. You can also register (and receive unrestricted licences for) new sites on their behalf. Please visit the Argus Installers page for more information.


Argus (requires a current Argus Subscription/Priority Support)

Windows Mac

Download Patch-Update for 6.0.x to 6.0.15

Size: approx. 32 mb



How to Upgrade from Argus 5 to Argus 6 for Windows: download pdf

How to Share the Argus Client to WorkStations for Locum, Medical Director and Practix after upgrading: download pdf

How to check what version of Argus you have installed: download pdf  

Download Argus 6.0.10 for Mac - (New Installs only)
Size: approx. 110mb

Download Argus 5.0.10 for Mac
Size: approx. 120 mb

NOTE: Argus 5.x for Mac has a new API, only file drop applications such as Genie and Smart Rooms will currently work with this version of Argus. If you are unsure if your clinical application uses API or file drop please contact the helpdesk

Upgrade Documentation for Mac


Upgrading from version 4.3 to version 5.0
Step-by-step instructions for upgrading from version 4.3 to 5.0 can be found here.


Argus Word Template


For the latest version of the Argus Word Template please Contact the helpdesk


Upgrading from version 4.x to version 4.3.4
Step-by-step instructions for upgrading from version 4.x to 4.3.4 can be found here.

Installing Argus
You may be able to receive help from a Certified Argus Installer for installing and configuring Argus at your site. Alternatively, our support desk makes use of remote connection software which enables us to remotely install and configure Argus. Please contact us for more information.

User Guides
User guides for all the products in the Argus suite are included in the install, under the Documentation/UserGuides directory. Other documentation, including a detailed installation guide and guides describing integrating Argus with your clinical software, can be found on ourDocumentation page.


Argus Stats-Retriever

Windows Mac

Download Argus Stats-Retriever
Size: approx. 7 mb



Is available in Argus 5 for Mac


Installing Argus Stats-Retriever

Step-by-step instructions for installing the Argus Stats-Retriever can be found here.

Ongoing Assistance
Our Support Desk is available during normal business hours Monday to Friday, 9:00 hours to 17:00 hours Eastern Standard Time.