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Critical Update for Argus 6
Argus customers using version 6 software have received notification of a critical software update. It is crucial that you download and run this update specifically designed to upgrade the Java platform that your Argus is operating on, this will ensure your Argus Address Book will continue to access the NHSD beyond March 31, 2014.


If you decline the update install, you will not have access to live address book data. You will also receive Argus Address Book errors until the Java platform has been updated.

On completion of the Java upgrade your Argus will ‘check for updates’, 6.0.10 is the latest version of Argus and we recommend that you proceed with the installation.

For instructions on how to apply the update download the PDF guide here

To download the update, please do so from the machine that has your main Argus installation and click here

For trouble shooting tips and ideas please click here


This update will only affect the Java that was deployed with your Argus installation.
It WILL NOT update any other Java that you have installed and will not affect other applications that use the local Java.  


 Argus Connecting Care operates to deploy, install, support and develop Argus, a computer program that enables health service providers to securely exchange clinical documents between their computer systems.

Argus seamlessly integrates with existing clinical software and speeds up reporting processes, saving time and resources as well as encouraging co-operation between providers.

Our aim at Argus is to offer a common messaging option for all Australian healthcare providers which is equally available and affordable to anyone, whilst adhering to principles of open standards, transparency of technology, and interoperability.

21 of the 61 Medicare Locals (34%) around Australia have now committed to promoting the adoption of Argus secure clinical messaging by GPs, specialists, allied health providers, and other healthcare organisations for exchanging clinical information.

Argus has a charter to serve the Australian healthcare community by providing secure messaging facilities which maximise the efficiency of delivery of healthcare by the sharing of clinical information between providers at as low a cost as possible, as seamlessly as possible.